Cultivating Your Natural Radiance

When you're healthy and feeling good, it is impossible to hide it. People take notice. You become a magnet. It's like it becomes a positive feedback loop. When you're feeling good, then you help others feel good, which helps you feel even better, which helps others... hehe, you get the idea. There's a "good energy" about you which seems to radiate outwards and have a positive effect on your surrounding environment. Below, we've briefly outlined a few things that help you cultivate this natural radiance. 

Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential for life. When you're deficient, your life takes a turn for the worse and life can become dull and a struggle. In fact, with some vitamins, such as Vitamin C, if you become deficient, then you die. 'Nuff said! And according the CDC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), over 90% of Americans are deficient in some vitamin. The reason for this is that the food we eat today is over-processed and under-delivers. Many of the nutrients are sterilized or modified right out of the food. That's why when people take our powdered raw MULTIVITAMIN they can feel within minutes their body working in a way they've never experienced or had forgotten. That's because they are getting what's missing in food. After sometime they feel the energy they've been missing for so long. That energy radiates from within and gives them an outward glow.

As the primary structural protein of all of your body's connective tissues, collagen is the most abundant protein in humans. Collagen is great for your skin and nails while keeping the lines associated with aging and sun damage at bay. Collagen peptides have been proven to relieve joint pain and promote heart health. This is why for centuries, Chinese women have considered collagen as an important part of their diet. There are so many benefits! And that is why we developed Sport Formula Collagen Peptide powder. Supplementing the protein that is keeping everything connected helps keep you healthy, energetic, and timeless.   

Now fish oil can help you glow - literally! There are numerous benefits that omega-3 fish oil delivers to the body such as reducing inflammation (major skin destroyer), eczema, acne, and wrinkles. This is because fish oil moisturizes from within and helps keep the skin firm and supple. However, as with all thing you ingest, it is important to get your fish oil from a good source. That is why we source our Wild Caught Fish Oil from the cleanest oceans in the world in Iceland. This ensures that your skin (and entire body) will get the total benefit fish oil has to offer.

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