"I love that the flavoring is all natural and is still tastes so good. Impressive."  ~Nat

We have another pro tip for you today: You can often use our products in various different and sometimes unexpected ways. When it comes to our protein, Chickpea Protein, there are several ways you may want to try it. This organic, naturally flavored protein is designed to deliver the nutrients for a healthy body and recovery.

Here are a few ideas you can use to experiment with Chickpea Protein...

Breakfast: Mix a scoop of Chickpea Protein with a cup of plain Greek yogurt and half a cup of oatmeal for some oat-y and chocolatey high-protein goodness!

Pre-Workout Fuel: Not something that many would consider. However, taking a protein shake half-hour to an hour prior to your training will give you an extra muscle building amino-acid boost and give you fuel right through your toughest training.

Post Workout: This one is a no-brainer. Training breaks down muscle tissue and triggers an amino acid response. Therefore, taking a protein shake post-workout helps fuel recovery, promote muscle growth, and even burn fat.

Midday Snack: Sometimes all you need is a quick boost. Yet, your office vending machine tends to be devoid of healthy options. A protein shake is a preferred, healthy alternative.

As an Additive: Sounds a little strange, right? But try it! Use protein powder as a sprinkle on your ice cream, on your salads, and use it in your coffee (so good)!

Those are just a few ideas. As always, you can check out Chickpea Protein or click the button below to view the rest of our products.