How these 3 supplements are changing athletes lives

Thursday, August 25th
By Tod Johnson

Why Chickpeas Should be in every diet Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, have been around for generations, but they haven’t been as well-known or commonly used as they have been more recently. They come in various colors, but the most common is a brownish color.

Chickpeas can be used in a variety of recipes - soups and stews, curries, salads… They can also be used as a vegetarian replacement for meals that would normally call for meat, and they can even be ground finely into a flour and can be used as a healthier option to replace standard flour.

But what are all of the recognized health benefits of the chickpea?

1. They are nutritious The nutrition facts of 12.5 grams of chickpeas is pretty intriguing. One serving of this size contains 46 calories. The fat value, at 0.8 grams, is only 1% of the recommended daily value. They have very little sodium, at only 3 milligrams per serving, making them an ideal dietary option for individuals with heart problems, and especially those with hypertension. And one serving of chickpeas is packed with protein, at an impressive 2.4 grams, 4% of the recommended daily value.

2. They can ease a hungry stomach There’s no doubt that some people get the occasional craving to feast on a greasy pizza, or to grab some fast food on the way home from work. These cravings might be put to rest with a healthy serving of chickpeas. The proteins and fiber in chickpeas are a healthy way to slow down the process of digestion. They can leave you feeling full, and help to eliminate the possibility of putting on extra weight and adding broken down components of some unhealthy foods to your body.

The National Institute of Health conducted an extensive study to test this theory. (1) In the study, 12 healthy women were evaluated. Each ate two separate meals. Before one of the meals, they each ate one cup, or 200 grams, of canned chickpeas. Before the other meal, they each ate two slices of white toast bread.