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The 5 Things Every MultiVitamin Needs

The 5 Things Every MultiVitamin Needs

  • 1. Make sure your nutrients are Cold Pressed and Raw.

    The most important factor that dictates a great multivitamin and a bad one is that a great multivitamin will be composed of cold processed, raw live enzymes or the vitamins won’t be able to function.

    You’ve probably heard “Eat your vegetables raw, if you cook them, you’ll lose all of the nutrition”.

    This is true. If they are heated too much like pasteurization, the nutrients will die and no longer do their jobs, which is to: control your metabolism by turning calories into energy instead of storing them as fat.

    Raw vitamins also turn protein into new healthy cells! This process is called protein synthesis. The conversion of Amino acids (protein) into new cell-like muscle, tendons, joints, skin, hair, and nails, not to mention brain tissue and chromosome production which directly controls your healthy hormone production which keeps you feeling young and focused.

    Be on the lookout for a USP standard to find out if your multivitamin is cold pressed. If your vitamin doesn’t say USP standard on it, it’s not cold pressed and is causing you to miss out on your nutrients.

  • 2. Make sure your vitamins are actually digestible.

    The nutrients in your multivitamin should be in a fast dissolving form. The reason for why this is so important is that it allows for a fast and easy way for all of the nutrition to enter your bloodstream when you need that little mental boost of focus and energy.

    All of the common pill or tablet multivitamins like “One A Day” and so many other multivitamin tablet brands don’t want you to know about how slow and inefficient the digestion is from consuming these “easy to use” tablets.

    The Physicians Desk Reference also known as “PDR”, published research revealing that only 15% of compressed tablet multivitamins like “One A Day” vitamins were dissolved and made it’s way to your bloodstream. Only 15%! That means the majority of the tablet was wasted and literally flushed down the toilet un-dissolved. That’s 85% of your money and nutrition literally flushed down the toilet.

  • 3. Stay away from liquid multivitamins.

    Minerals must be stored dry or they will rust! Minerals just like metal, zinc, copper, selenium, iron etc. What happens to metal when it’s left in the rain outside? Have you ever seen an old shovel or rake? It’s the same thing, just like the old shovel, that is rusty from the rain, the metals (minerals) in your multivitamin-mineral complex will also rust (oxidize) when stored in a pre-made liquid form. Rusty vitamin water. Does that sound healthy or refreshing? No.

    On top of the vitamins oxidizing (rusting) causing them to not be able to be digested, pre-made liquid vitamins are pumped with preservatives to make them last longer on the shelves. They are “Heat Pasteurized” in order to kill pathogenic bacteria spores that would otherwise spoil the solution too quickly. The major problem with that is that when you pasteurize these nutrients with heat to kill the bacteria, you also kill all of the nutrition in the multivitamin.

    The bottom line is that pre-made liquid multi-vitamins is that if they have been heated, then the nutrients are dead, the minerals and nutrients are oxidized, and no longer work and they are full of preservatives like Sodium Benzoate which are certainly not healthy for a human to consume.

  • 4. Make sure your Multi Vitamin has a FULL Spectrum blend of Nutrients.

    You need a full spectrum blend of nutrients, not just a “one a day” multi-vitamin. Not only are those solid tablets that never break down, your body needs so much more than that. You need trace minerals for your brain to function on all cylinders.

    You need digestive enzymes to help breakdown your food all the way since cooked foods lack that function on their own.

    You need a super B vitamin complex for energy and blood circulation to detox your body and deliver nutrients that your body needs!

    Sport Formula truly is everything is your daily multivitamin. value. Sport Formula Powder Multivitamin is cold processed and raw nutrients (superfoods with life force intact) that complete your body chemistry. Whole Multivitamins, Minerals, Digestive Enzymes, 20 BCAA and Essential Amino Acids, eaas, Powerful Antioxidants that are

  • 5. Make sure your Multi Vitamins include a full spectrum of Amino Acids.

    Raw Amino Acids are a necessity when it comes to recovery for anybody that wants to be feeling their best.

    You can never fully recover from fatigue without essential amino acids. Critical parts of your brain are made from them. Chromosome production relies on them. Your actual DNA structure contains them. Your entire anti-aging hormone production doesn't function without them. Starve yourself from them and you’ll eventually deteriorate from the immune deficiency disorder. Amino acids in their raw form are one of the keys to living a happy, healthy life.

    Essential amino acids are a must for a multi-nutrient blend that fills the gap of nutrition needed after the poor quality of foods today. If you have them, you recover faster and more fully from fatigue and will perform at your best.

What Makes Our Vitamins Different?

We founded Sport Formula on quality nutrient sources that ABSORB. Absorption is the key to it all!

First, we use a Powder Formula because it makes it to the bloodstream unlike those solid tablets that won’t break down.

Second: Our Ingredients are raw with Live Enzyme Function because the nutrients actually attach to the receptor sites of your cells and initiate metabolic reaction.

This means enhanced protein synthesis, the conversion of proteins or amino acids into new healthy cells

You can expect to assimilate 30% more protein into muscle instead of wasting it, that’s also tighter skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, total body recovery; you’ll wake up more rested in the morning and not sore from workouts. You’ll process 30% more glucose (blood sugar) into energy, instead of storing calories as fat !!! That’s huge right there because your body does two things with calories 1) store it as fat or 2) burn it as energy. If you have whole food, your body wants to make energy, your metabolism works because the nutrients are raw and have live enzyme function. If your food is heat processed like modern food, you have a lack of nutrients and your body will tend to store body fat because the vitamins do not attach to the cell receptor site and metabolic reaction is not initiated.

Third: You need a full spectrum of nutrients!

A “One-A-Day” is not enough. Not only are those solid tablets that never break down, your body needs so much more than that. You need trace minerals for your brain to function right; those vital electrolytes enhance your reflexes and your focus and mental sharpness.

You need digestive enzymes to help breakdown your food all the way. You need a super B vitamin complex with all the B vitamins for energy and enhanced blood circulation. This will detox your body and deliver nutrients to those hard to get areas with low blood flow, like the surface of your skin. This helps your stamina big time by relaxing the blood vessel walls, allowing the blood to circulate easier and deliver oxygen deep into muscle fiber. All it removes the carbon dioxide and delivers amino acids for instant repair. You need antioxidants to remove free radicals, the toxic dying cells that damage everything around them. And you need citrus bioflavonoids to strengthen the cell walls to boost your immune system so you don’t get sick.

You need essential amino acids because your body cannot replicate those and they are a direct influence of chromosome production and hormone levels. They directly affect the pituitary gland which makes the anti-aging hormones to keep you young and feel good. There are over 150 different necessary nutrients in Sport Formula to make your body function better.

Sport Formula truly is everything missing in food today. It’s simple, easy and tastes great. If our food had everything Sport Formula had in it, you'd be feeling younger and healthier than ever. Give it a try and feel what everybody's talking about.

At Sport Formula, it is our goal to provide you a COMPLETE PRODUCT! A product that will have you feeling your best and performing your best!


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All Sport Formula Products are Tailor-Made with you in mind!

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you and your loved ones. That’s why we have made all of our products out of Raw Nutrients, Cold Processed, Vegan/Keto Friendly, Soy Free, Pesticide Free, Non-GMO. Simply the best raw nutrients you can put in your body!

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