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The Top 3 Fat Burning Foods &
How To Burn Fat With Them

As you read every word of this blog post, you will begin to understand one of the little known secrets of how to use high fiber vegetables to burn your fat off for good by eating smarter not working harder.

The principle you need to understand to have amazing success is:

You must burn or use more calories than you consume if you expect to use your fat reserves for an energy source.

Instead of eating a high calorie meal, eat high fiber vegetables to keep your appetite under control and keep your metabolism going.

Eating foods high in fiber helps you:

✓ Maintain healthy digestive track

✓ Promotes healthy cholesterol levels

✓ Controls blood sugar levels naturally

✓ Helps regulate healthy body weight

It's important to understand one thing: eating fiber isn't only for relieving constipation. Fiber is like a broom to your stomach - it keeps you clean, and healthy. Fiber-rich foods help in maintaining healthy weight and lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

By eating fiber, not only are you able to successfully achieve your weight loss goal, but you're able to maximize the full health benefits fiber has to offer.

Let's Put it this Way:

Your stomach will be full whether you eat a double cheese burger fries and soda (2500 calories) or if you eat entire bunch of celery stalks (negative 10 to 100 calories). The cheese burger fries and soda will overload you with calories that you can’t use fast enough so you store fat. The celery will actually use more calories for digestion than it provides and burn calories like doing cardio without actually doing any.

Let’s Put Your Calorie Intake Into Perspective:

1) It takes 1 hour of strenuous cardio to burn just 500 calories off.

2) A cheese burger, fries and a soda take 5 hours of cardio to burn off.

The idea here is that your body can only use a certain amount of calories at one time and then you will store the rest as fat. That is why the above cheese burger fries and soda makes you fat. It’s not more calories than you can use in one day, it’s just more than you can use in one meal or several hours. Your body is able to digest and convert the calories to be used as energy faster than your body can actually use them as energy, so the extra is stored as fat.

Another big problem with the cheese burger fries and soda is that all the ingredients have been heat processed to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life, which kills the raw vitamins. Raw, unheated vitamins convert carbs and stored body fats into energy. So if your food has no fresh raw vitamins, you’ll be storing fat instead of making energy.

So Take Sport Formula RAW Powder Vitamins To Get Faster Results.

The Top 3
Fat Burning Foods are:



Iceburg Lettuce

All non-sweet vegetables work similarly but these listed above are the top 3 at low calorie and high fiber content. Eat as much as you want, but don’t defeat the purpose with dressings that are high in calories and full of high fructose corn syrup and MSG. Use seasonings, or oil and vinegar...

WARNING: These low calorie foods, not only create a calorie deficit but can leave you vitamin deficient as well. And one of the biggest problems in food these days is the lack of fresh, raw, live vitamins to burn fat with. That is what raw vitamins do, among other things, is convert stored fats into energy. That’s right; you can speed up the fat burning process by consuming Sport Formula’s Fresh, Raw, Cold Processed RAW Vitamins, Minerals, And Amino Acids Daily.

The real Secret is fresh RAW powder vitamins that are essential for converting calories into energy instead of storing them as fat.

Have you ever heard?
“If you cook your vegetables you lose something”

What you are losing are the RAW vitamins! You need RAW vitamins to convert calories into energy. And without RAW vitamins, you store calories into fat and feel tired, even though you ate the empty calories.

That’s why heat processed food like milk makes you fat...

The vitamins have been cooked out.

Pasteurized Means: Has Empty Calories That Store As Fat!

That is why we suggest using Sport Formula Fresh, Raw, and Cold Processed, Powder Vitamins that dissolve 100% without upsetting your stomach, Burning Your Fat and Building Your Muscles naturally...

“If vitamins are heated, they do nothing for you at all”

Sport Formula has all the raw nutrients missing in food that you need to burn fat, build muscle and live like you want.

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Stop working harder to burn the calories off at the gym and start converting the calories you eat into energy by eating raw vitamins, it’s smarter!

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