“No more bloating, no more sore joints, love it." -Stan D.

Chickpea Protein Powder with Essential Amino Acids, Organic, All Natural, plant based, Vegan, Keto - 100% pure and effective

A super healthy, all natural plant based protein powder that will help you get stronger and leaner faster than any other protein powder on the market; heart health, cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory.

Chickpea protein, like other legumes, is a type of superfood loaded with vitamins and minerals stacking several health benefits that other proteins don’t, making you healthier and stronger faster than ever before. Flavored with 8 grams of cocoa per serving, expect joint relief and a full body detox to take place.

28 Servings


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  • raw nutrients
  • vegan
  • Cold Processed
  • Keto
  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • soy free
  • pesticide free
  • Non GMO

At Last...A Protein Powder That Doesn’t Feel Like You’re Drinking Dirt or Chalk.

Unlike traditional proteins like soy and whey that leave you feeling bloated, our Sport Formula Chickpea Protein Powder delivers a whopping 21 grams of protein with only 2 net carbs. Add it to our organic greens for convenient delicious meal replacement or combine it with your exercise regimen. Sport Formula Chickpea protein powder is flavored with 8 grams of cacao for a rich sumptuous flavor that is pleasant to drink and is not chalky like other protein powders.

Chickpea Protein Is Unrivaled Compared To Other Proteins.

According to doctors, soy can cause upset stomachs and other intestinal side effects including constipation, bloating and nausea. Soy protein has been proven to have an adverse effect on your thyroid. Chickpeas also contain essential key nutrients to support digestion, and bone health. Research published in the Canadian Medical Journal, revealed that one serving daily of legumes like chickpea can significantly reduce your bad cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

100% Non-GMO Certified Organic and Vegan…

Our premium quality chickpea powder is all natural and a perfect complement for people that are following a plant based diet. Whether you are supplementing your diet for the multitude of health benefits including cardiovascular, bone health and increased muscle density, or you are using it to jumpstart your metabolism with a keto diet to lose weight. Sport Formula Chickpea protein powder makes a delicious meal replacement and provides the added fuel needed to keep you at peak performance for your workouts. 
  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • soy free
  • raw nutrients
  • vegan

energy. strength. recovery

Radiate with passion and energy using a simple daily dose of Sport Formula and start feeling the results right away.

Whether you’re a pro athlete or work a 9-5, we all feel better when we have more energy. For that reason, the Sport Formula line of products is designed to give you energy, strength and recovery.

Start by taking a daily dose of Sport Formula to begin your day. The result? A healthier version of you.

Pro Athlete endorsed

Don’t be fooled, our exact same nutrients that have fueled Olympic Athletes to achieve Gold Medals is exactly what every human body needs to be healthy.


The founder and formulator won’t make any product that he can’t give to his pregnant wife and kids.


Start to finish, Made is U.S.A. US pharmaceutical grade. No compromise, NOT from China like other products use….


Sport Formula is World Anti-Doping Agency compliant. All of our products are free from any banned substances across all leagues any levels.



How often should I take it?

Once daily for health, in order to supplement the poor quality of foods available today and complete your body chemistry. However, on the days that you know you are going to exercise, wait to take it just prior to enhance your stamina and strength. Also, the days that you compete, you may take it just before and during an event, for instance; if you are a Triathlete, you would want to take Sport Formula before each leg of the race to enhance carb assimilations and recovery during the race.

Are there stimulants in Sport Formula?

NO, there is not. Sport Formula is made up of pure live nutrients like raw fruits and vegetables and nothing else. No additives, preservatives or stimulants. Our products are completely VEGAN and pure of all pollutants found in today’s foods.

If I'm not satisfied, can I get my money back?

100%. We stand by our products, their taste, and their benefits. If you’re unhappy, let us know. We’ll reimburse you and work to fix the problem.

Is it safe for everyone?

Yes. All of our products are WADA compliant. The line up has been consumed by Olympic athletes and children alike since 1999.

How does my subscription work?

Your subscription is in your control. You can delay, or cancel your order anytime from your account page. We only want to ship what you need.

What are people saying about sport formula?

Take the leap to the Next Level of performance

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