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    Organic & Vegan ChickPea Protein Subscription

    Why settle for just regular protein to build muscle? Expect more from your protein, in fact …demand it! Traditional whey protein leaves you bloated and does not have the nutrient benefits contained in our signature Chickpea Protein Blend.

    Chickpea protein is the very best source of pure vegan protein-packed with Organic Essential Amino Acids to enhance recovery after working out. Our Cold Processed ingredients are KETO Friendly and blended with All Natural Ingredients that are safe for the whole family.

    Like other legumes, such as lentils, chickpeas are rich in fiber and protein but they also contain several key vitamins and minerals that act as antioxidants with anti-cancer benefits, according to researchers, and support Bone Health, Diabetes, Heart Health, Cholesterol, Digestion and Regularity, Weight Management and Anemia.

    Each serving of our Sport Formula Chickpea Protein contain the following:

    - 21 Grams Of Protein
    - 2 Net Carbs
    - 3 Grams Of Fiber
    - Packed With Essential Amino Acids