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Energy Radiator

Wanna Know How to Radiate Energy?

"Often times the difference between radiating with energy or not is a simple tweak to your diet, supplementation, exercise program, or even your perspective on life. Being thankful is key because it could be worse. So be happy while you have it and enjoy it because we're all one heartbeat away from a life changing event."

James DiShanni, Founder

Secret Revealed!


Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential for life. When you're deficient, your life takes a turn for the worse and life can become dull and a struggle.

In fact, with some vitamins, such as Vitamin C, if you become deficient, then you die. 'Nuff said!

And according the CDC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), over 90% of Americans are deficient in some vitamin.

The reason for this is that the food we eat today is over-processed and under-delivers.

Many of the nutrients are sterilized or modified right out of the food.

There's the old saying, "If you've got your health, then you've got your wealth."

When you think about it, there's no better feeling than healthy. 

When you're feeling healthy, it is impossible to hide it. You can take on the world. Nothing gets you down.

You radiate a natural positive energy.

You wield a power. People notice how you have a positive effect on your surroundings and they want to take part  

Unfortunately, we can't maintain this feeling 100% of the time. Even the best of us experience downtime. However, we can do things to mitigate the amount of downtime we have and keep our energy at top levels. Therefore, we've briefly outlined a few things that help you cultivate this natural radiance.


As the primary structural protein of all of your body's connective tissues, collagen is the most abundant protein in humans.

Collagen is great for your skin and nails while keeping the lines associated with aging and sun damage at bay.

Collagen peptides have been proven to relieve joint pain and promote heart health. 

This is why for centuries, Chinese women have considered collagen as an important part of their diet.

There are so many benefits! And that is why we developed Sport Formula Collagen Peptides powder.

Supplementing the protein that is keeping everything connected helps keep you healthy, energetic, and timeless.

Fish Oil

Now fish oil can help you glow - literally!

There are numerous benefits that omega-3 fish oil delivers to the body such as reducing inflammation (major skin destroyer), eczema, acne, and wrinkles.

This is because fish oil moisturizes from within and helps keep the skin firm and supple. However, as with all thing you ingest, it is important to get your fish oil from a good source.