Who we are Making quality nutrients for a quality life since 1999

Makers of the original powder vitamin in the 1990’s has gone on to fuel Olympic and Professional athletes to greatness.

With a Family Safe Promise, our fresh raw nutrients are beneficial for all ages. Get the most out of your life with Sport Formula 99.

We have a complete line of essential nutrients to help you sleep better, wake up more rested, stay energized throughout the whole day by digesting and processing more of the food you eat.

Make 30% more protein into muscle and metabolize 30% more calories into energy, instead of body fat.

Feel good,  focused and grounded. Become the best you can be.

Our Founder, Jimmy DiShanni

Sport Formula 99 is the original powder multivitamin first blended in 1999.

Discovered in a pharmaceutical laboratory by a Bio Chemist and Nutritional Scientist / Fitness Enthusiast, Jimmy DiShanni, that decided to see what his multivitamin tablet was made of.

After dissecting the tablet and examining it under a microscope, Jimmy noticed something wrong with the tablet, it was dead.

He immediately started blending his own nutrient profile using the laboratories' US Pharmaceutical Grade, cold-processed, raw nutrients with live enzyme function from the lab's stock room.

And just like that... Sport Formula was born.