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The Importance of Warming Up

Have you ever woken up and felt like your joints weren't oiled and your muscles didn't want to flex?

So you (slowly) crawl your way out of bed, maybe reach for the sky, do some jumping jacks, and you start to feel a bit better as your blood starts to get flowing.

You are warming up

Well, with Autumn on its way in (this was written in September), you know the weather will be getting cooler. So warming up before exercise will be all the more important to prevent injury and have a complete workout.

Getting your body warmed up is very important as it slowly revs up the heart making it ready for the higher intensity levels to come while lowering the stress it will take. 

It also gets the blood flowing and your muscles loose and flexible which
helps in the efficiency of your training.

An integral part of all good warm-ups is stretching.


This may be the most important part of your warm-up.


Stretching increases your mobility and your range of motion thus decreasing the risk of injury and improving circulation.


With this improved circulation, your muscles are getting more nutrients flowing into them while more waste products are being faster removed.


Some byproducts of this stretching is the slowing of the aging process, the reduction of pain, and the rebalancing of your muscles.


That's pretty awesome.

Now get up and do 50 jumping jacks.


Get that blood flowing to your extremities.

Of course, remember to take your Sport Formula Multivitamins as well, prior to your exercise.

The nutrients they contain will boost your energy and overall stamina. Particularly, the niacin B3 will help relax the veins and get the blood flowing.

Overall, always be sure to budget in time for your warm-up and especially for stretching.

And don't forget, when you're finished with your training, be sure to cool down and replenish with some Chickpea Protein and Collagen Peptides.