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3 Tips for Living a Proactive Life

No matter how young or old you are, whether you're a man or a woman, there are always ways you can improve your activity levels, stimulate blood flow, and enjoy better health because of it.

You can always find ways to be more proactive by making simple little changes in your daily routine.

1. Get Active while Watching TV

The average person in America spends 3 - 5 hours PER DAY consuming media from the tube. Now imagine spending that time stretching, doing pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, you name it.

While we are big advocates for turning off your TV and doing something constructive instead, this tip is a healthy compromise.

Now you can still enjoy binging your favorite Netflix show but stay active while doing so.

2. Walk

Just doing these little things can add up to form a healthier and more active you.

We are bipeds and are designed to walk. In our modern times, we have become far too sedentary. We sit at a desk all day; we sit while we drive; we sit while we watch TV.

Most of us aren't naturally active in our daily routine. This can change simply by walking. Of course, this can be done simply by getting up and taking a walk. But you can take this to the next level by taking the stairs and parking farther away from the front door.

3. Just Do the Activity You Love

On a higher level: one of the commonalities found throughout healthy and active individuals is that they all have some kind of physical activity they enjoy doing.

For some, it may be taking a walk every morning or evening. For others, it may be riding a bike, swimming, or practicing archery. It may be strenuous or it may be low intensity. Whatever it is, the folks doing the activity actually enjoy doing the activity. 

So think about the activities you love doing... and make them a priority. If you can include others then all the better.