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Radiate Natural Positive Energy

"Oftentimes the difference between radiating with energy or not is a simple tweak to your diet, supplementation, exercise program, or even your perspective on life. Being thankful is key because it could be worse. So be happy while you have it and enjoy it because we're all one heartbeat away from a life changing event."

-James DiShanni, Founder


With everything that has happened in the past years, we all should know by now that nothing is more important than our health. When we're holistically healthy, a natural positive glow just radiates from us. 

Do you wish to achieve that natural positive radiance as well? You're at the perfect place because we will tell you 4 key things to achieve just that!

Tip #1:

Always make yourself a priority

Giving that natural positive glow comes from within. When you feel good on the inside, it naturally shows on the outside. Make sure you're giving yourself enough sleep, eating healthy and getting some exercise in. Aside from those, go on coffee dates, hang out with friends at the beach, or simply enjoy your own company and do things that make you feel good  about yourself. Health is not just for the physical, it's important to be holistically healthy!

Tip #2:

Live in the moment

Each moment we breathe is a gift, so it's important to live in the moment. Let go of anything that gives you stress or make you anxious. In order for you to channel that radiance from the inside out, take the time to just pause, appreciate everything around you, where you are, and the people with you. 

Tip #3:

 Train your mind and shift your mindset

They say, 80% of your problems come from your mindset. A shift in perspective can make a huge difference with how you feel, think, and see life.  Additionally, positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health. 

Tip #4: 

When you eat right, you feel right

What you put inside, shows on the outside. Sometimes, what you think is "healthy" doesn't have all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. You can't exude happiness and vitality if you don't even have the energy to get out of bed. That's why having a healthy diet plus taking the right kind of vitamins is very important! The best products for your health are here in Sport Formula. We have vitamins that make you sleep better, wake up more rested, have more energy in the afternoon and stay mentally focused all day long, allowing you to radiate that positive glow and energy naturally. Who doesn't love that right?