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Review Protein

The protein with Sport Formula is an all natural plant based powder with Essential Amino Acids, Organic, and Vegan Friendly. Our Chickpea Protein, like other legumes. is a type of superfood loaded with vitamins and minerals stacking several health benefits that other protein's don't.
Some of the benefits you get from using this protein are, better heart health, cardiovascular health, and it's an anti-inflammatory.

Sport Formula's Chickpea Protein

Cardiovascular health is improved allowing the blood to circulate easier through your veins. With the increased blood flow, it allows your muscles to heal faster. With muscles being able to heal at a faster rate you can make more of your work out routine. Also, with the increased blood flow you can work out harder.

"The first protein I have ever tried, that didn't make me bloat after drinking it."

- Amy.,Sports & Fitness Enthusiast

No Bloating

"Finally, a protein that doesn't taste like a glass of chalk, when drinking it."

Terry - Marathon Runner

With Sport Formula Chickpea Protein, you do not have to worry about feeling bloated after you drink it. It is one of the first proteins to be easy on the stomach and increase digestive enzymes. You no longer get that bloated feeling later on after consuming. Which, most of the other brands of proteins will give you that feeling and don't taste quite as good.

Mixes Well With Water

"Tastes amazing and mixes very easily with water. Has a slight taste of chocolate that isn't super strong." 

Kim - Pilates instructor

Unlike most proteins, Sport Formula Chickpea protein mixes well with water. Other brands tend to clump up, or settle at the bottom not long after mixing. Sport formula protein easily dissolves within the water, and generally takes a bit longer before it starts to settle again.


Better Blood Flow

With Sport Formula Chickpea Protein you get better blood flow. With the vitamins and minerals used, it helps to increase blood flow after taking. With increased blood flow you feel better and are capable of getting better results from your work out routines. Which means, you can push yourself further and increase your limits.

"The time it took me to recover after workouts was decreased, it was insane, and I didn't know recovery could be that fast."

- Ben.,Fitness Trainer