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The Ugly Truth About Natural Flavors

In an era where consumers are increasingly conscious about the ingredients in their food and beverages, the term "natural flavors" has become a subject of scrutiny and concern.

Recently, a question was raised on why certain products continue to contain this ingredient. Let's delve into the discussion and uncover the ugly truth behind natural flavors.

“With the real truth coming out of what “natural flavor” really is, I am wondering why you have not taken this ingredient out of your formula.” -Deb

The curiosity about the persistence of "natural flavor" in product formulas despite revelations about its true nature. It's a sentiment shared by many who are becoming increasingly wary of what goes into the items they consume.

Natural Flavor is Organic

Organic used to mean it was clean and then, about 18 years ago, the government stepped in to regulate what standards were acceptable and still say organic.

Nowadays, O for organic means you can have a percentage of pesticides and still say organic. The only way to insure you have no pesticides is to grow it yourself on soil that has never been sprayed with a weed killer or bug killer ever. And if it's the government regulating this, you can spray as much as you want and then wait 3 years and grow.

For natural flavoring, this is a similar situation.

No Artificial Flavors

We refuse artificial flavoring, sourcing only from fruits or plants. Every blend is crafted tirelessly to deliver a taste that's as genuine as it is delicious.

We don't use any natural flavor that isn't actually natural flavor.

We have worked tirelessly to create an acceptable flavor and keep it natural.

Conclusion:Over the past 18 years, government regulations have reshaped the meaning of "organic," allowing for pesticide traces within its standards. Despite this, organic remains a preferred choice due to limited alternatives. True pesticide-free produce often requires personal cultivation. Similarly, natural flavoring faces ambiguity, with artificial flavors as the only alternative. However, committed brands, like ours, prioritize authenticity, using only real fruit- and plant-derived flavors in nutrient blends. This dedication reflects our unwavering commitment to providing wholesome products amid a complex food landscape.