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What Does It Take To Build Muscle

These four things are some of the major factors to building the muscle that you want. Let's take a look at each one and see how it helps, when it comes to building Muscle.
Everyone likes to be fit and obtain muscle. One question everyone has when just starting out is "How do I start to Build Muscle?"

The major factors to building the muscle

To a lot it may seem like a very difficult question but it's not. There are four main things that contribute to muscle growth:

  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Rest

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What Role Does Genetics Play?

I know what you're thinking; there is no way genetics has anything to do with building muscle. But it actually plays a bigger role than you would think. Although we won't dive too deep into it because no one can control their genes.

The reason genetics is part of the list is because it determines how fast you build muscle, and how long it takes to show results. Some people can build muscle faster, and see results quicker due to their genetics.

As opposed to those who really have to put in that extra work just to see any results or get the wanted muscle gain. Even as that maybe it doesn't mean those with good genetics has to work less than those that don't. Building muscle still requires work and motivation.

Proper Nutrition Is Key

Now that we talked a little bit about genetics, let's talk about the remaining three. The good thing about these three is that you can control them.

First is nutrition, which is one very important factor when it comes to building muscle. The human body processes everything we give it for fuel, one way or another. When you are trying to build muscle, the body needs more protein and carbohydrates. This helps give your body the fuel it needs to recover and repair the muscle after strenuous workouts. Also, having the right vitamin supplements will aid in your bodies ability to process everything it needs to efficiently.

The thing is, when we work out we basically tear the muscle from the strain we put on it. The muscle then sends a signal to the brain letting it know it needs resources to heal. With the right diet and vitamin supplements the muscle will process the right nutrients to heal itself rather quickly, allowing the muscle to retain it's strength and grow. If our diet isn't healthy then it will take longer to heal back and grow.
That's why giving your body the necessary nutrients it needs is very important: eating raw fruits and vegetables are a lot healthier, as well as being vitamin rich, rather than processed fruits and vegetables.

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A good way to fill the gaps that you don't get from food, is with vitamin supplements. These help boost your bodies reactions to heal your muscles properly.

Some supplements that can be used to obtain the proper nutrition are Sport Formula Powder Multivitamins/Organic greens. These are some great Supplements you should introduce into your daily diet.

With the Powder Multivitamins you can process 30% more food into fuel for your body and 30% more protein into muscle. It will increase your digestion allowing more of your food to turn into energy that can be used, along with faster recovery, and a great night of sleep. Since everything in the supplement is raw and alive it sticks to your cells like a magnet to a refrigerator.

The Organic Greens are also another great supplement for nutrition. With them you will get your daily dose of Fruits and Vegetables. You don't have to go to the market and spend a lot of money on Fresh produce. Also, the Sport formula greens are by far the best tasting greens on the market.

Work Those Muscles

Healthy exercise is when you work out let the muscle tear and then let it heal. You don't push your body and over exert yourself, which can cause you to wind up in the doctors with an injury. You allow your body the time it needs to let the muscle grow and gradually increase your exercise routine.The next one on our list, that you have control over is exercise. This one is important if you want to gain muscle because if you aren't working out then you won't gain any muscle. A body that is being put through consistent work and constantly tearing the muscle, so that it can grow, is one that will see the result.

Although you can overdo this one. There's a difference in healthy exercise and unhealthy exercise.

Unhealthy exercise occurs when people get impatient and want results as soon as possible. You over exert your muscles, tearing them, which can actually cause your results to take longer due to injury.

So it is best to take your time and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. Best to avoid injury and stay on track to your goal.

One thing you can do for your body to build muscle a little more effectively is take Sport Formula Chickpea Protein before workout. This will help you get stronger and leaner faster. It will also help with your workout, opening up your cardiovascular system. Making blood pump faster throughout the body getting oxygen to your system. This will allow you to work harder and push yourself further.

Also being loaded with other Vitamins and nutrients makes it a superfood for the body. It may just cut down the time you see results from your workouts, and that's something we all want to see. Especially when it comes to building that muscle we all want to see.

Proper Rest

The last way to help build muscle is proper rest. It may seem like it wouldn't help because you're not moving your body, but it does in it's own way. Proper rest allows the freshly torn muscles time to regenerate and become stronger. This way you don't over do it and damage your form. Sleep allows the body to heal on it's own.

So when after you work out be sure to give yourself just as much time to heal and rest. Otherwise you will be in the hospital asking a doctor how long you need to rest a major injury before you can continue your progress.

So before you wind up pushing your progress back, make yourself take that break so you can get back up on your feet and stay on track, to building the muscle that you want.

With Sport Formula Multivitamin Capsules/Packets, you can achieve this. The Raw nutrients in the powder goes directly to your blood stream. Allowing for the body to fill in all the gaps that are missed with food.

Having these extra initial nutrients will let your body rest easier, and feel more refreshed when you wake up in the mornings. This also helps in the healing process of your muscles, allowing the blood to flow more quickly, pushing all important nutrients where they need to be in the body.

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"How long before I see results?" well to answer you honestly... it depends!


The depending time all relies on three important variables:

  • What you're eating
  • How long you're resting
  • How intensely you're training

Your best results will come from how consistently you are doing all three of those things.