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(as Calcium Ascorbate)

Calcium - Sport Formula

Calcium, also called Calcium Ascorbate is defined as a silver-white bivalent metallic element that is an alkaline earth metal, occurs only in combination, and is an essential constituent of most plants and animals.


  • For the development of healthy bones and teeth.
  • It is necessary for normal heart function and every other muscle activity (it speeds the nerve transmitters from the brain to all body parts).
  • It speeds the blood clotting process
  • Stimulates the digestive tract.
  • Essential for a pregnant woman’s baby development.


  • Sweating around the head, even in cold weather and laziness in behavior accompanied by mental derangement.
  • Fragile, brittle, porous bones, heart palpitations, muscle cramps insomnia, and irritability.
  • In young women it can delay puberty, and bring along bad cramps and extra bleeding and a low resistance against infections.
  • For pregnant women it can result to birth defects and a difficult labor with excessive bleeding, low milk production and an extra long recovery time. Be sure and take a good prenatal vitamin!
  • For children, this will result with poorly developed bones, teeth; emaciated necks, enlarged heads, and they are easily susceptible to respiratory and stomach infections.

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