“Works great for my sore joints and I don't taste the fish oil later” - Jess K.

Wild Caught Fish Oil from Iceland, Omega 3 fatty acids, 30 servings in fast melting soft gels

Get Omega 3 Fish oil benefits without burping it later. Great for your brain, inflammation, boost your immune system, anti-aging.
Fish oil is only as good as where it comes from. We harvest from the coast of Iceland and process it here in the United States. Then it is third party verified for potency and purity right here in the USA. We DO NOT import from China like most others, that source is usually rancid and not trustworthy.
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Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Pesticide Free
Soy Free
Raw Nutrients
Cold Processed
Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Pesticide Free
Soy Free
Raw Nutrients
Cold Processed


Fish oil has been time tested and proven to help with heart health, cholesterol, and improved kidney function. It has also been called ‘brain food’ because it has been known to help with conditions associated with brain and nerve functions.

Only using the freshest, purest fish oil will give you the desired results. Cheap fish oil quickly oxidizes and becomes rancid. This is what causes you to burp up that unpleasant fishy taste. In fact, rancid fish oil has been linked to increased inflammation and bad cholesterol levels among other issues - problems pure and fresh fish oil mitigate.

Our fish oil is double certified for purity and potency by a third party lab located here in the USA. 

Comes in an easy to swallow and digest gel capsule.


Because of the many benefits of quality fish oil, this is one supplement that you strongly should consider adding to your diet over almost anything else. Few supplements offer the amount of benefits properly sourced fish oil can provide.

As we mentioned above, not only can fresh fish oil promote cardiovascular health, help reduce inflammation, support healthy cholesterol levels, and more, but it can also improve your mood and accelerate fat loss.

This means taking fish oil can help you move better and easier. Your movements will be more fluid and your heart can sustain more activity.

Fish oil even helps you build muscle which is excellent because it is your muscles that give you that youthful look and ideal shape. There's a reason for the saying, "If squats and fish oil can't fix it, nothing will"


Some fish oil is wild caught, but don’t let that fool you. Wild caught off the coast of a country where pollution is rampant means that you are ingesting all of the contaminants.

Our fish oil is wild caught in the cleanest ocean in the world: the oceans surrounding Iceland. It is then processed and certified for purity and potency here in the United States. We pay more for a 30-day supply of the highest-grade fish oil than most big box retailers sell a 90-day supply at retail price.

However, you truly get what you pay for! Like all of the products offered at Sport Formula, quality is first priority. We take what we put into our bodies seriously. Sure, it might be more expensive but we don't settle for second-best.

We have one life with one body. The few extra bucks won't kill us.

energy. strength. recovery

Radiate with passion and energy using a simple daily dose of Sport Formula and start feeling the results right away.

Whether you’re a pro athlete or work a 9-5, we all feel better when we have more energy. For that reason, the Sport Formula line of products is designed to give you energy, strength and recovery.

Start by taking a daily dose of the powder multivitamin to begin your day. The result? A healthier version of you.

Pro Athlete endorsed

Don’t be fooled, our exact same nutrients that have fueled Olympic Athletes to achieve Gold Medals is exactly what every human body needs to be healthy.


The founder and formulator won’t make any product that he can’t give to his pregnant wife and kids.


Start to finish, Made is U.S.A. US pharmaceutical grade. No compromise, NOT from China like other products use….


Sport Formula is World Anti-Doping Agency compliant. All of our products are free from any banned substances across all leagues any levels.

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

*Free shipping only in USA.

You should take it at least once daily for health, in order to rebalance omega-3 and omega-6 ratio. Most people living in the US are consuming the standard Western diet which contains too many Omega-6s (which leads to increased inflammation) but lacks in Omega-3s, hence the importance of supplementing with pure Fish Oil.

NO. There are no stimulants in any Sport Formula product. Sport Formula products are made up of pure live nutrients such as raw fruits and vegetables and nothing else. No additives, preservatives, or stimulants. Except for the Wild Caught Icelandic Omega-3 Fish Oil and Collagen Peptides, all our products are completely VEGAN and pure of all pollutants found in today’s foods.

100%. We stand by our products, their taste, and their benefits. If you’re unhappy, let us know. We’ll reimburse you and work to fix the problem.

Yes. All our products are WADA compliant and safe for everyone to consume - barring the rare case of someone having an allergy to an ingredient. However, we don’t have any specific known allergens in any of our products. Sport Formula products have been consumed by Olympic athletes and children alike since 1999.

Your subscription is in your control. You can speed up, delay, add/remove products, or cancel your subscription(s) anytime from your account page. We only want to ship what you need.

  • Paul Pugleiesi

    Four-time US Surfing Champion

  • Jimmy D.

    Black Belt Martial Artist

  • Drake F.

    Martial Artist

  • Jackson W.

    2 x All-American Decathlete

  • Javier G.

    Pro MMA fighter

  • Johanna R.

    Actress, Model, Ironman Tri Athlete

  • Kerry S.

    NPC Competitor Pickleball Player

  • Kevin L.

    Black Belt Guru

  • Quenton M.

    NFL Pro Athlete

  • Scott B.

    San Jose State University Offensive Lineman

  • Tatyana T.

    College Wrestler Athlete

  • Ty M.

    Louisville track 25’

  • Nubreed

    Jiu Jitsu

  • Raymond D.

    Elite Power Lifter

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Philippines Philippines

Easy u swallow and don't leave a bad taste

I prefer these over alot of other brands. They don't leave a bad taste in your mouth and my whole family takes them daily.

Philippines Philippines

Works Well

Wild Caught Fish Oil Omega 3 Fatty Acids DHA EHA from Iceland Wild Caught Fish Oil Omega 3 Fatty Acids DHA EHA from Iceland with no fishy aftertaste and hopefully works well in the long run. I take this for heart health and more. Recommend.

P M.
Philippines Philippines

Great quality supplements!

The capsules look very well made and the product is nicely packaged. All the experts say that omega-3 from wild caught fish is much better for you, And since the fish for this is caught in Iceland, I’m guessing it’s pretty clean too. Recommended.

Philippines Philippines

Fish oil for heart health

I will say fish oil is great. I have been taking it for years and also on cholesterol meds. These did not leave any aftertaste for me and went down well. The only other thing can say is that the price of these seem a little too high for only 30 tablets. As I have to take two a day, 2000, this is only two weeks supply.

Nolan P. Smith
Philippines Philippines

Good fish oil

I have problems with my knees, so I heard that fish oil would be extremely beneficial. I tried some in the past but the taste and aftertaste were horrid. I decided to give these a shot on a whim, and so far so good! The bottle is a bit small, but the capsules are great. Easy to swallow and no fish taste or aftertaste!

A P.
Philippines Philippines

Smaller amount but no fish scent/taste.

Usually the fish oil bottles are twice the size of normal bottles. This isn’t, just a normal bottle size, with a lower amount of pills. But the recommended dosage is lower, too, so it may work out fine. No fish scent/taste, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had fish oil that’s bothered me at all; companies seem to be doing a better job at masking it (or I’ve adapted lol :P). Safety sealed.

Philippines Philippines

nice supplement

Take these to help with heart health at recommendation of my doctor. Easy to swallow and no digestive issues from taking. No strong fish scent or taste, which is appreciated. As with any vitamin/mineral/supplement, it is hard to tell if I am getting the benefits claimed after only 1 bottle. If my joint inflammation decreases substantially in the future using this, I will update this review accordingly.

Wylee's m.
Philippines Philippines

Quality fish oil

I take fish oil because it has so many health benefits. I was attracted to Sport Formula wild caught Icelandic omega 3 fish oil because this company appears to produce an excellent product. I love that the fish used in this formula are caught in very clean water of Iceland. Nothing in this fish oil comes from or through China. This fish oil is tested by a third party to verify the potency and purity in what it claims to be. I am taking one capsule daily every morning, this contains a 30 day supply. I’ve not experienced any fishy burps or any negative side effects. I’m very happy with this fish oil and I would buy it again. The price is a little higher than I normally pay but you get what you pay for right?

A R.
Philippines Philippines

Quality Sourced Product

I've been taking Omega 3 fish oil for years, after my doctor recommended it to help regulate my cholesterol numbers. It really works! It also has many other benefits, according to reputable health websites. For example, Omega-3s may contribute to normal brain and eye development; fight inflammation; and prevent heart disease. However, just like with everything else, quality of the environment where it's sourced from is important. If the fish are caught in polluted environments, you are ingesting all of the contaminants. This fish oil is wild "caught in the cleanest ocean in the world, Iceland and then processed and certified for purity and potency in the United States." For these reasons, I feel comfortable recommending Sport Formula Wild Caught Icelandic Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Philippines Philippines

Solid Source of EFA

I am always looking for different EFA. This bottle looked promising, so I decided to try it. SIZE The capsules are the size of a typical EFA capsule. It is larger than most and is filled with the oil. I don't have an issue swallowing, but some with issues concerning larger pills might struggle. BURPING? Once in a while I will burp up when taking these, but it is not that often. It usually happens when I take it on an empty stomach which is not the recommended way to take it. PERFORMANCE I take Essential Fatty Acids for pain and inflammation. It also helps to relax me a bit. Taking these helps take the edge off of inflammation and it does help me relax some. THE BOTTOM LINE These capsules are larger than many, but pretty typical for this type of supplement. It performs well. MY RATING FIVE STARS. I like these so far. They perform well for me. I do notice reduction in pain most of the time as well as better sleep.

Jack M.
United States United States


I have been using this Wild Caught Fish Oil since they released it and have tried others at times, but the caliber and effectiveness of these capsules outmatch all others. No fish burps either. The BEST omega product!

Oliver R.
United States United States

Brain Health

Excellent product. Keeps my mind sharp and brain working along all day everyday. Plus, there's no fishy aftertaste or burps. My brain and my joints are thanking me and you!

Chase C.
United States United States

Excellent yet affordable

I used to think fish burps were a necessary evil of getting the benefits of fish oil. Until now. My friend let me try some of his sport formula fish oil and … no fishy aftertaste. No burps. Only better results. Like… what the heck? If this is possible, why aren’t more companies doing this? Because clearly it’s possible to offer quality fish oil at an affordable price. Love you guys! I’m telling everyone!

Frankie M.
United States United States

Excellent Fish Pills

I've always had a problems with fish oil pills giving me fishy burps but I knew I should use them because the benefits are so great. Then finally, I run across Sport Formula's Fish Oil and it works! No burps and no more inflammation. I see now why it's said "if squats and fish oil won't fix it, then nothing will."

Kerry S.

These work

I don't know how to say it but this fish oil works. Since I started it two months ago, I feel better and lighter if that makes sense (because I've maintained my weight). It's like I can move better and just feel good. No fishy burps afterwards. It's great.

Emily V.
United States United States

Been needing these in my life

I just wanted to write in how I love the fish oil because I don't get the fishy burps but I can tell my inflammation has gone down. I've been recommending to all my friends!