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Why Powder Vitamins Are Better Than Pills

If you religiously take multivitamins for health, but they never dissolve in your stomach, are they doing you any good? They answer is no. Most vitamin tablets on the market today have a hard time fully dissolving so that your body can use it for nutrients. The reason Sport Formula works better than vitamin tablets is because it dissolves 100% every time.

The great thing about Sports Formula

Multivitamins can be pretty pricey. The great thing about Sports Formula is that you can be sure your money is getting you the promised amount of vitamins. With vitamins is tablet form, it may dissolve and work properly or it may not. You may only receive half of the nutrients you paid for. Pregnant or nursing women, athletes, and the elderly all depend heavily on vitamins and supplements to function at optimal levels. They cannot afford to deprive their bodies of nutrients. With Sport Formula, our powdered multivitamins dissolve with no issues, so you can be confident that you getting what you pay for.